(Sp. model spelled same [fusil] < French fusil < Vulgar Latin *foclle 'flint' < focus 'fire.' In the Middle Ages, the French term meant 'flint' or 'piece of steel for starting a fire'; later, it referred to the flint that, when struck by the hammer, causes a firearm to discharge. The term finally came to refer to the firearm itself)
   According to Blevins, "a muzzle-loading musket; a trade musket." Blevins indicates that it refers to a firearm similar to those the Hudson's Bay Company and Northwest Fur Company traded to the Indians. He also notes that it was seldom a musket of fine quality. This term may have come into American English from Spanish or French. It is glossed in the DRAE as a portable firearm designated for use by infantry soldiers in place of a (h)arquebus or musket. It consists of an iron or steel barrel, generally from twenty-four to thirty-two inches long, a firing mechanism, and an encasement that holds the barrel and firing mechanism together. Modern versions of this firearm are of a lesser caliber than earlier models; they may be automatic or semiautomatic, and include a clip.
   Alternate forms: fuke, fusee, fuzee.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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